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If you’re constantly in need of new mirror tags for your car dealership’s vehicles, you shouldn’t need to deal with ordering the generic stuff through an outside vendor. With LotMonkey, you can custom create whatever you need right in your dealership. Our application’s templates allow you to design mirror tags that say anything you need to communicate to your potential customer, from “New”” to “Sale” to “Sold,” or something entirely custom!

Print them in any color or design. Print one for a specific car, or print them in bulk for your entire lot. LotMonkey allows you to be completely flexible with your merchandising, so that you can have custom mirror hang tags for any promotion your dealership wants to tell customers about. Replace them as necessary, quickly and efficiently, in all of your used and new cars for sale.

Nothing about your merchandising should be low-quality, so make sure everything you create is designed to make your customer feel confident in choosing you as the dealership they’ll purchase a car from. From your showrooms window signs and windshield graphics to your pavement graphics and rear view mirror hanging tags, all of these merchandising details make an impression on the customers that walk your lot everyday.

Get LotMonkey today to see what you can create, and how much time you can save. You’ll step up your marketing while freeing up your employees’ time, and you’ll continue to impress new and returning customers.

Learn more about LotMonkey.

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