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The industry's first and only in-dealership merchandising system.


It seems everyone in the industry is now talking about bridging the gap between online and on-lot and improving customer experience at the store level. The problem for dealers has been limited options or direction as to how to actually go about doing so - effectively, efficiently and affordably.


The solution is LotMonkey which give dealers the ability to strategically and systematically merchandise their lots, showrooms and service drives  - in a way that replicates the online shopping environment - enabling search, selection and clicks, highlighting promotions and specials, and more.


Most industry providers seem to focus primarily on top funnel and post-sale solutions – neither of which actually address the real challenge which is how to provide a better, more seamless shopping experience from online to on-lot. Dealers, consequently, are often left to their own devices to meet this challenge. The result – a less than optimal shopping experience for customers and missed opportunities for dealers. 


LotMonkey helps dealers overcome this challenge with a proven, strategy-based in-dealership merchandising system to better engage, inform and influence their customers. Our platform delivers a more seamless, omnichannel approach that helps to both enhance customer experience and bridge the gap between the online and on-lot shopping process for customers.


Selling a car still happens at the dealership. With LotMonkey, dealers can now transform their lots into strategic retail environments that enhance customer experience, bridge the gap between online and on-lot, and drive sales where it matters most - at the dealership.

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