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A customer on your lot is considering buying a car. This is your moment to further entice, motivate and persuade them to do so. And, the retail environment in which you sell should help your efforts in that regard (it certainly shouldn’t hurt it).


That’s why you need high-quality, attention-grabbing car dealership showroom signs that promote your top selling points and make your customer confident in their purchase decision. Make them feel excited for their purchase. Catch their attention with special promotions, reasons you’re the dealer for them, and the encouragement they need to act right now.


What do your car showroom displays look like? How often are they updated? At LotMonkey, we want you to have the tools you need to change your dealership’s marketing whenever you see an opportunity to attract new customers through a new promotion. That’s why we created an application that allows you to design high-quality showroom signage quickly and easily. We provide templates and creative ideas, and our design team will help answer any questions you have. Once you’re ready to print, you can send your files to your preferred vendor, or you can print them right within your dealership.

We want to make producing merchandising easy for you, so you can spend more time coming up with the creative ideas you need to engage more customers. Have a fun idea? It shouldn’t take days or weeks to get it in place. You should be able to have your showroom windows updated when inspiration strikes.


Whether you need auto dealership signs, banners, or any other type of printed merchandising materials, LotMonkey is ready to help make sure you impress your potential customers. Your salespeople are working hard to make your car dealership look good. Make sure your merchandising works for them, so they have the tools they need to be successful.

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