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Making sure your dealership is successfully engaging new customers and selling cars takes a tremendous amount of effort. The time and talents of your employees is critically important, and how you use it matters. That’s why you can’t afford to stress about little things like keeping vehicle pricing up to date on your lot.


Have a vehicle that’s a low, special-offer price? Don’t just wait for them to see the small price on the side window sticker. You’ll want windshield pricing numbers to raise awareness of your great deal. Maybe you have a great used vehicle that’s from a popular and in-demand year? You’ll want potential buyers to see that model year sticker as they scan your lot and browse their options. Is there a brand slogan or promotional tagline you want on your cars? You should be able to create adhesive slogans whenever you switch up your marketing campaigns.


LotMonkey offers you the templates you need to create everything you need on-demand. You can design whatever you need to get new inventory lot- and customer-ready in no time. You’ll enjoy better merchandising, with a smarter process your employees will appreciate. Get LotMonkey today, and start seeing what it can do for you. 

Learn more about LotMonkey.

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