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Mobile connectivity for them... Instant leads for you.


Here's how it works...

Shoppers simply text or scan a QwikTag® to view a specific vehicle on your website.


Instantly, you receive a LotMonkey Mobilead™ sent directly to your cell phone, email or CRM.


You're able to instantly engage shoppers via text messaging using your cell phone, email or CRM.


Enhance your CX

Engage, inform and influence your shoppers by seamlessly connecting the online and in-store shopping process.

Hottest leads - 24/7

LotMonkey is your silent salesperson whether your dealership is open or closed and a great tool for your team.

Advance sales via text

Engage shoppers on their terms and at the time and place it absolutely matters most - when they're on your lot.

Learn more about LotMonkey QwikTags®

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