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We know this much is true – your customers aren’t going to ask about a car and not ask about it's price. Money is a key part of any vehicle purchasing decision, and customers wandering your dealership’s lot are certainly going to be looking at your car window addendum labels.


Of course, for someone to commit to a price, they have to feel committed to you. To your dealership, to your salesperson, to the vehicle you are promising them. Buying a car is a tremendous commitment, especially for people who plan to keep their car for many years or are choosing to take out a new loan. There are a variety of factors that go into building that trust, but the quality of your dealer addendum stickers is certainly important.


The adhesive addendum sticker is your space to showcase the modifications and upgrades that have been made to the car at your dealership. You want your customers to want these improvements. You want them to feel they need them. They’re certainly good for your dealership to sell. But again, it all comes down to trust, and you can’t lose your customers’ faith by a simple mistake such as using poor-quality materials, or by presenting your information in an unclear format.


LotMonkey syncs with your dealership’s inventory data to help you quickly customize car window addendum stickers for every vehicle on your lot. Make a change to a car? Update the sticker immediately, without any stress or delay. Change the price of the car, or have a limited-time offer? Communicate that update to your customers immediately.


This type of sticker is just one of many that will grace the windows of your dealership’s vehicles for sale. LotMonkey helps you customize them all, allowing you to merchandise better than ever before.

Are you ready for smarter merchandising?

Learn more about LotMonkey.

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