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Your car dealership’s customers are short on time and eager to make a decision on their next vehicle, so they need your merchandising to be informative. Having used car buyer’s guides posted in a prominent location on each used vehicle in your inventory is a must. It’s critically important that your customers be able to immediately see that the car has previously been owned, and understand any warranties associated with a purchase.


The design of your pre-owned buyer’s guide may be the same for every car, but the information on them can vary from car to car. You need a way to easily customize them with the vehicle and warranty information that pertains to each vehicle, whether the used car is one year old or ten years old, and whether it is covered by a limited warranty or sold as-is.


That used car window sticker is a key merchandising material necessary to be transparent with your customers and help build trust. You need your customers to understand the quality of vehicles you offer and the level to which you stand by the used vehicles you are now selling to customers. This sticker is the starting point of conversations about value, reliability and safety, all critical factors in your customers’ decision-making process.


LotMonkey helps dealerships of all sizes produce used car buyer’s guide window stickers easily, making new inventory ready to be seen by customers quickly. Our application syncs with your inventory data, expediting the process by which you get your cars merchandised while giving you the opportunity to create all vehicle-specific merchandising materials using a single application. Design is easy, and print-ready files can be sent immediately to a LotMonkey print partner whenever you need.


Used car window stickers aren’t the most glamorous part of your merchandising, but they’re important. Let LotMonkey help make your merchandising process smarter than ever, so you can sell more used cars with less hassle.

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