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At LotMonkey, we talk a lot about vehicle merchandising, but the look of your dealership is critically important, as well! Auto dealership wall graphics can go a long way in getting people to trust your dealership and get them ready to make a purchase.


Buying a new car is a major life milestone for many people, and it’s one to get excited about. The place in which such a decision is made is important. A customer must feel secure in their decision. They must feel they’re getting the best product from the best dealership – so make your dealership look it's best with high-quality car dealer wall murals.


With LotMonkey, you can create vinyl custom wall graphics and murals that make your dealership an appealing place to be. While much of your sales work is done outside on your lot, the purchasing and paperwork happens inside. You want people to feel comfortable and impressed. As they’re waiting for their paperwork to be completed and the details to be finalized, they should be reassured that the business they are working with cares about the service they provide and the image they present. You can’t do that with a drab and dark dealership. Why skimp on the details that make your dealership standout?


The LotMonkey application allows you to create graphic wall art that you can hang inside and outside your dealership. Create murals that match the branding of your signs, banners and other merchandising and marketing pieces, and create them easily and efficiently whenever you want to update your wall murals.


LotMonkey makes sure you have the tools you need to create high-quality custom wall graphics that impress your customers without stressing the workloads of your marketing team. Find design ideas, templates and more within the application, and design the custom artwork you want to display on your lot and in your dealership.

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