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The trunks of your dealership’s vehicles are premium spaces to place vinyl trunk decals and stickers, branding vehicles as they’re taken out on test drives by your potential customers and, of course, by customers who have already purchased their vehicles. Car dealer emblems provide a unique and low-cost opportunity to advertise and promote your brand in a simple yet effective way.

Think of the drivers on the road, sitting at red lights in a crowd of cars. They’re looking straight ahead, when their eyes settle on the car directly in front of them. The vehicle has a dealer trunk sticker. Immediately, the driver is made aware of or reminded of your brand. Of the thousands of drivers on the roads in reach of your dealership everyday, you can be sure some of them are considering a new car. You want to make them aware of your dealership, and catching your attention in this subtle manner is a great way to make them consider visiting your dealership when they’re ready to check out new cars in-person.

LotMonkey provides dealerships a quick and easy method of designing trunk decals and creating print-ready files that can be sent to a LotMonkey print partner for produstion. Choose one of our templates or create your own. Save your design so you can use it again later. You can print vinyl stickers with your brand’s logo, or pair your dealership name with slogan. You can even create stickers custom for specific campaigns, seasons or geographic locations. With our application, you can make sure you always have enough stickers on-hand as you sell and receive new inventory.


Design and print plenty of dealership trunk logos with LotMonkey, and make sure your brand is seen all over town so more potential customers consider you next time they’re buying a new car.

Learn more about LotMonkey.

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