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Somebody wants a brand new car. A second customer would prefer last year’s model. Another customer is looking for the car with the model year sticker that suggests, “probably more reasonable for my budget.”


There’s many reasons a customer could be choosing a vehicle from a particular year, but you can be certain the model year decal is one of the first things customers will look for when they visit your lot. Your customer looking for a new car will be making sure the car is from this year or last (or even, next year’s model).


Your customer looking for a used car could be looking for vehicles from two, five, even ten years back. Their decision might be based on price, but it can also simply be because they liked that model. They liked its looks. They liked its features. Or, they may not even know a specific make or model yet, but they know cars from a certain year will have the approximate gas mileage they’re seeking.


Whatever it may be, your model year window stickers have to be placed in a highly visible location so that your customers can quickly find the type of vehicle they’re looking to purchase.


LotMonkey allows dealers to design model year stickers in a variety of styles and easily send them to a LotMonkey print partner. You’ll never have to worry about running out of stickers, even as the cars in your inventory change throughout the year. Spontaneously have one used car for sale from 1999? That’s okay. You can print that sticker in no time with LotMonkey.


Whatever year the car happens to be, we know that if it’s on your lot, you want to sell it. Merchandise smarter with LotMonkey, and get customers interested in great vehicles of all model years.

Learn more about LotMonkey.

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