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Your dealership’s walls and windows are blank slates ready to help you sell more cars. Are you taking advantage of the canvas they provide for your marketing?


Once your potential customers are done doing their online research, they’re going to need to be impressed by their experience at your dealership. Make sure they know of the promotions you have going on and the value you provide with high-quality custom vinyl banners in and around your lot.


With LotMonkey, you can design the merchandising assets you need to engage and excite your customer. Our application lets you create the vinyl signs and banners you need at any time – that’s right, vinyl banners of all sizes with a few clicks of your mouse.


Need small custom decals for your vehicles? You can design those in-house and have them quickly available for every car on your lot. Change the designs for different makes, models or promotions – however you like.

Need a large outdoor vinyl banner? We offer templates, ideas and even feedback on your designs! With the LotMonkey application, you can update your outdoor dealership signage whenever you have a new promotion, vehicle or campaign slogan.


Your dealership signage is important. It provides places for you to make people remember your brand, and a place for you to highlight your most important selling points. Make sure you create car dealership banners that will stand out with LotMonkey.

Learn more about LotMonkey.

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