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Selling new or used cars on your lot? Catch the attention of drive-by traffic and customers already shopping on your lot with high-quality vehicle side graphics that tell them exactly why right now is the perfect time to buy a vehicle and your dealership is the perfect place to buy it from.


Your potential buyers will be walking all over your lot looking at your selection. They’ll be comparing their various options, and figuring out which vehicles will be the best for their families. Your salespeople will be here to help them, but your car side graphics should be there to help promote your dealership's value proposition, your vehicles’ selling points and your current promotions. You might make a potential buyer excited about buying a particular car before your salesperson has even walked across the lot to greet them! That makes your work easier, and can make the sales process even more efficient.


And of course, side graphics for cars aren’t only helpful throughout the interior of the lot. These vehicle signs are extremely helpful in attracting the attention of passers-by and enticing them to stop in and take a look. These graphics are seen by drivers and pedestrians, all day and every day, providing high-quality advertising opportunities at a very low cost! You can’t miss opportunities like this to raise awareness of your brand and draw more potential car buyers to your dealership.

Vehicle side graphics are important, and you should be able to easily produce them. That’s why LotMonkey created its application that allows dealership owners and employees to design standout merchandising graphics. With the LotMonkey application, you can design and print vehicle graphics for as many cars on your lot as you like, and you can update these graphics as frequently as you like.

Learn more about LotMonkey.

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