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If you work at a dealership, your vehicles probably all have custom license plate inserts with your dealership’s name or logo printed on them. And for good reason!


Every time one of your dealership’s vehicles gets tested on the road, other drivers see your dealer license plate inserts and are reminded of your brand. If those drivers are considering getting a new car, this is a great opportunity to make them think about checking out your website or visiting your dealership to walk through the cars you have available.


Consider what this means, when you have dozens or maybe hundreds of vehicles, per day, out on the road being test driven. That’s a tremendous amount of brand awareness you’re raising wherever your vehicles are driven. You’ll reach people you’re not sending direct mail to, you’ll reach people who aren’t watching your TV commercials, and you’ll reach people who don’t drive by your dealership on their way to work everyday. Dealer license plate inserts are an affordable and incredibly easy way to promote your dealership to potential future customers.

LotMonkey’s application allows you to design custom inserts for your vehicles. Create your own design, and save it for whenever you need to print more for new cars on your lot. Want to update the design? You can do that quickly and easily, whenever inspiration strikes.

Learn more about LotMonkey.

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