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Q & A

1. Our focus is on the internet. Why should we consider LotMonkey?​
It only makes sense to focus attention on the internet - that's where people are now spending most of their time in the car shopping process. That said, while it’s clear they are shopping online for vehicles, it's also clear that the vast majority don't actually buy there. They buy at dealerships.
Most companies today are focused on helping you fill the funnel (eg: digital, online, etc),  LotMonkey, on the other hand, was created to help you get more out of the funnel - by giving you the ability to create an awesome retail environment that drives your customer's experience on your lot. There's simply not a better, faster or easier way to do that than with LotMonkey.  


2. We already have a supplier. What makes LotMonkey different?

It's important to note that LotMonkey isn't a product supplier or a print shop. LotMonkey is an in-dealership merchandising system that gives you the ability to transform your lot, showroom and service drive into strategic retail environments that drive sales by better engaging, informing, and influencing your customers.

Further, from automated vehicle data integration to interactive mobile connectivity, LotMonkey helps you bring the power of current and emerging technologies to the dealership lot.



3. We don't put anything on our cars. Why should we change?


Given the limited product options available to this point, who can blame you? They are typically unprofessional, often detract from your image, and usually aren't all that relevant or helpful to your customers.


Here's the thing: with the prominent role the internet now plays in car buying and the resulting disconnect between the online and on-lot shopping process, it's more important than ever for dealers to provide shopping tools on the lot that, just like on the internet, make the all-important experience at the dealership easier, less intimidating, and more efficient for their customers. Strategic, professional visual merchandising using LotMonkey is the answer. 



4. We already sell enough cars. Why do we need LotMonkey?


Even if you already sell plenty of cars, consider this: the internet allows people to easily search your inventory, compare vehicles, prices, options, incentives and more – in a setting that is self-directed, where they feel unintimidated and in control. Doesn't it make sense to deliver a similar shopping environment at your dealership - to help bridge the gap between the online and on-lot shopping experience? LotMonkey gives you the tools you need to do that.

Additionally, industry studies continue to show that not only is a customer's experience a key determining factor as to whether or not they purchase from you, it's also a determining factor as to whether or not they return for service, speak positively about their experience to others, or purchase another vehicle from you in the future. Point being, LotMonkey is valuable BOTH at the time of sale AND for the lifetime of that customer.



5. Printed products look great but what about quality, ease of application and safety?


The overall quality of printed products from LotMonkey print partners is second to none. Apples to apples (or bananas to bananas:), you simply won't find a better product that meets your all-around needs. We've tested literally hundreds of different print medias over the course of more than a decade and continue to do so, to ensure you get a great product that's affordable, easy to install and, importantly, safe for use on your vehicles. And, our print partners provide only LotMonkey approved, proprietary print medias. So, be cautious of imitations, it could cost you a paint job or even a sale. 


6. Okay, you've got my attention. How much is it?


Your investment is based entirely on your merchandising strategy. And, print pricing is super competitive too so no worries there. That said, for an average dealership, the investment is typically between 3% and 5% of the ad budget – an exceptional value given the huge influence "experience" has on whether or not a shopper buys from you.



7. Looks pretty sophisticated. How easy is it to setup, use and implement at our dealership?


Yes, LotMonkey is pretty sophisticated but it's super easy to use and very easy to implement at your dealership. Setup is a snap too. From the moment you're onboarded, you can instantly begin creating awesome merchandising, fire it off to our print partner, and have it at your door in as little as 24 hours. Yes, it's that fast.

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