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Your potential customer has just entered your dealership’s lot. How will they choose which vehicle to check out first? As you know, informative and eye-catching windshield stickers are an important part of merchandising your lot and guiding customers to the type of cars they’re seeking. Let high-quality windshield graphics be the first to tell customers your vehicles are “On Sale,” “New,” “Pre-Owned,” a particular brand, a particular model – whatever it is you want your customers to immediately know about your inventory.


At LotMonkey, we know that your dealership deals with dozens, hundreds, maybe even thousands, of cars rotating in and out of your lot on a regular basis. Creating and printing custom windshield banners and stickers for every vehicle is made easy with our application, which provides the templates, color palettes, design ideas and more you need to make your job easy and allow you to merchandise more effectively. Have sales goals for particular makes and models? Want to clear out a particular part of your inventory? Call attention to the vehicles you most want to sell with decals that grab your customers’ attention immediately.


With LotMonkey, you can create one windshield sign and print it several times, to be placed on the fronts or rear windshield of every car in your lot, or you can design custom windshield decals quickly for specific makes, models or other vehicle-specific offers. LotMonkey makes it easy for your dealership’s in-house employees to make each car lot-ready and appealing to the customer without delay. And once you’re ready to switch up your promotions and messaging? Just design and print out new graphics!
However you want to sell more cars, LotMonkey helps you always have the merchandising materials you need on-hand. Get LotMonkey today to create all of your vehicle signs, decals stickers and more.

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