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Once a new potential customer has arrived on your lot, they’re looking all around. From side to side, looking at the vast amount of cars you offer, to on your windows where your latest banners are hung, to in and around the individual vehicles. They’re also looking down – right at the ground below them and ahead of them, and that’s why custom floor graphics and pavement signage are important investments for any dealership looking to engage more customers. Catch their attention wherever their eyes wander!


Your car dealership’s floor graphics can achieve a variety of things. They can point customers a certain direction, guiding them to a particular part of your lot or your showroom you wish to highlight. They can express urgency, promoting limited-time offers and savings opportunities customers don’t want to miss out on. They should be high-quality and match your brand, reinforcing your look and messaging so that your dealership is memorable as they continue their decision-making process. Creating vinyl floor graphics and pavement graphics is important, and with LotMonkey, it’s also easy.

LotMonkey provides a variety of templates for your dealership’s marketing team to consider as they merchandise throughout the year. The application provides the tools you need to customize and update graphics as necessary, and then print them. The creation of your merchandising is expedited by our library and tools so you spend more time watching your merchandising in action, and less time worrying about creating it.

High-quality pavement graphics are just one way to increase your customers’ interest in your dealership and the vehicles you offer. Engage your customers from the moment they step foot on your lot – even when they step foot right on your floor’s merchandising.

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