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LotMonkey's exclusive, patent-pending QwikTag® and Mobileads™ technologies deliver the auto industry's most advanced in-dealership mobile marketing technology in one robust and user-friendly platform, making it easy for dealers to create, manage, and track results-driven mobile marketing initiatives throughout their business operations.


The rapid growth in smart phone usage and advancements in mobile technology are together making way for new, innovative ways for auto dealers to connect with more customers, more frequently, and in more places.

LotMonkey delivers to dealers instant leads - Mobileads™,  by harnessing the power of SMS text messaging, QR codes and your own mobile website, and fusing them into one highly effective, comprehensive on-lot mobile marketing solution.


Our user-friendly, feature rich, and scale-able platform makes it easy to create, manage, and track dynamic mobile marketing initiatives throughout your business operations. In short, LotMonkey is a powerful solution for generating instant leads by delivering strategy-based marketing content into the hands of your mobile audience.

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