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Replicate the online shopping environment on your lot.

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Merchandise your lot the same way you merchandise online and optimize every selling opportunity.

LotMonkey helps transform your lot, showroom and service drive into strategic retail environments that replicate the online shopping environment - helping to improve CX and bridge the gap between online and on-lot for customers.

Sell more - faster by merchandising better on your lot.


Reduced On-Lot Shopping Time


Increased Inventory Turn


Increased Average Units Sold

Reduce inventory holding costs up to $200 per unit.*

*Average based on inventory turn rate of 45 days at a cost of $40 per day. Results per June '18 survey of 100+ LotMonkey customers.

Effectively engage, inform and influence shoppers on your lot.

Auto Dealer Car Lot Supplies

The LotMonkey in-dealership merchandising system is strategically designed around

time-tested and proven "best practice" methodologies successfully utilized throughout the retail industry.

There isn't a better, more affordable way to bridge the gap and drive CX on your lot.

LotMonkey hands you the keys to your in-dealership merchandising with the ability to instantly create and customize a virtually infinite array of strategic, professional visuals.

Unleash the Monkey at your dealership!

Just a few of already hundreds of dealer clients.

"Ya gotta love the LotMonkey! We were the first in the Dallas Fort Worth Metro to start using it two years ago. There’s no question it helps our customers, helps our staff and helps us sell more cars."

George Vazques & Rusty Sanders  |  Moritz Kia Fort Worth  |  TX

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